From Lorena F’s love of acting comes another passion: costumes. She currently owns a growing collection that she is more than happy to wear for photo shoots and other acting productions. Please read below for a full description and click on the links to see a picture of the costume.

Period Costumes:
- Georgian dress - Pink princess-like dress, with brocade/jacquard and lace decorations. Ties at the back like a corset and it’s worn with a hoop petticoat. This costume is completed with black neck chocker and silver cross, pearl earrings and silver flowery tiara. Alternatively it can be a masquerade ball gown if worn my authentic venetian mask (in pink and gold). Fits the fashion of 1700-1750 (just before Marie Antoinette). Similar to some dresses from Madame Pompadour.
- Victorian Style White Satin & Lace Wedding Dress – White vintage satin and lace wedding dress with lot of volume and decorate with pale pink roses. Zips at the back for a corset effect and with full skirt and train. This costume is completed with white vintage lace gloves, a two-hoop petticoat, tiara and pearl earring and necklace set. In the style of Victorian Era dresses.
- Japanese Furisode Kimono - Bright blue silk furisode (meaning “swinging sleeves”) kimono imported from Japan. Decorated with colourful embroidered flowers and lined in bright red silk. This is an impressive (and very heavy) piece of traditional clothing. This costume is completed with bright green/yellow obi (sash belt), pale blue obi-age (top silk belt), blue obi-jime (braided thin belt), white tabi socks (traditional socks with toe separation) and red zori sandals (traditional wedge-like flip-flop). Vintage item from the Heisei Era (1989 to present) so fits the fashion of the modern era.
- 50s Swing Dress - Orange and white full-skirted dress, worn with net underskirt, black waist-cincher belt, burgundy pill box hat with net veil, matching burgundy leather gloves and black stiletto shoes. This costume is completed with a pearl necklace, earrings and bracelet. Fits the fashion of the 1950s.
- 60s Go-Go girl outfit – Colourful mini dress with a psychedelic twirl print and cross back with gold cords. The costume is completed with a matching head scarf, purple high heel velvet boots and gold hoop earrings. Fits the fashion of the 1960s.

Miscellaneous costumes:

- Flamenco dress - This is an authentic Spanish Flamenco dress, tailor-made, that she used in her dancing performances in Spain. It’s mainly navy blue with a contrast in bright red on the hem, sleeves and around the neck. This costume is completed with red hair flowers, black dancing shoes, red cape, red fan & brown castanets. Lorena dances Sevillanas (a type of Flamenco) up to a professional level, and she can provide a lot of flamenco music to use in photo shoots to “create” the mood.
- Flamenco Skirt & Leotards – Authentic Spanish Flamenco skirt in black with a red ruffle at the bottom. This skirt can be worn with 2 complementary leotards: a red one with ruffles in the sleeves to mach the red of the skirt, or a black one with ruffles in the sleeves and around the neckline. She uses the same accessories that come with the blue Flamenco dress (as described above)
- Dorothy costume (from The Wizzard of Oz) - White and blue gingham dress with attached white shirt with puff sleeves. The costume is completed with white tights, pale blue socks and red mary jane style shoes.
- Sexy Little Red Riding Hood costume - Lace up corset mini dress in black velvet, attached gingham skirt with apron and white gathered bust & sleeves. This costume is completed with a short petticoat, black shoes, red cape & little basket.
- Sexy Cheerleader outfit - Black, pink & white mini dress. This costume is completed with matching black stockings with pink ribbons and a pair of pink, black & white pompoms.
- Sexy Gangster Girl outfit – Black, red & white pinstripe double breasted “coat” mini dress. This costume is completed with matching black & red hat, white collar & red tie, garter, black stockings, long black gloves & black shoes.
- Sexy Black Witch costume - Black mini dress with lace and transparencies detailing and attached long sleeves. This costume is completed with black crooked witch hat and black boots.
- Sexy black and blue Police costume – Navy blue police dress with attached badge, PVC waist cincher, and black net petticoat underneath. This costume is completed with black police hat with attached badge, blue leather driving gloves, plastic handcuffs, baton and walkie-talkie, and black boots.
- Sexy Playboy Bunny outfit – Black and white bunny ears, detached shirt collar and cuffs and bunny tail, to be worn with a black sleeveless tank top, a pair of black hotpants and black shoes.
- Sexy Miss Santa outfit – Red velvet mini dress with white marabou trim and matching hat. This costume is completed with long black gloves, black cincher belt & black boots.

Star Wars Costumes:

- Princess Leia White Dress costume – Sexy remake of the white dress Leia wore on Star Wars Episode IV: A new hope. The dress is exactly the same, except for the bottom of the skirt being split in two to show the legs! This costume is completed with a silver belt and the iconic “buns wig”.
- Princess Leia Slave costume - Emulating the “gold metal bikini” made famous by Carrie Fisher in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, this costume includes brown and gold bikini top, long burgundy skirt with gold details & parted on the side. This costume is completed with a gold neck chain, hair braid, gold loop earrings & brown flat furry boots (or gold high heel sandals).
- Jedi Knight costume - As sported by Jedi Knights & Padawans through the Star Wars movies this costume consist of a long light brown tunic, tabards & trousers. This costume is completed with a utility belt, boots & a lightsaber.